Where yoga meets mindfulness meditation
Where yoga meets mindfulness meditation

Where yoga meets mindfulness meditation

Quickly resolve stagnation in body and mind to feel good and live well.

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Feel More Balance in Mind and Less Pain in Body 

Whether you're in a live stream yoga class, meditation session, or an on demand class with a yoga therapist, every class brings you the grounding, stress reduction, and greater vitality you've been seeking.

Every practice is an inspiring and moving experience.

Classes are implicitly trauma-sensitive. You are in loving and capable hands at TDW. 

This is not power yoga, but yoga that will certainly guide you back to your sense of personal inner strength.

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Join a Live Stream Class

Feel like your instructor is in the room with you. Live Stream classes include: weekly classes, quarterly meditation series, and at-home retreats.

The Saturday Practice

Full spectrum yoga class with movement, stretch, rest and meditation. Always with a dose of yoga wisdom. A member favorite!


Expect a 50-minute cooling class for times of transition. A deeply soothing and restful class for your nervous system.

Meditation Series

Devote time and energy to your regular meditation practice by joining a three, five, or seven day live stream series. 

The 30-Minute Saturday Practice

Expect a 30-minute class with about 20 minutes of movement and floor work, ending in 10 minutes of meditation.

Ritual for the Season

A quarterly, half-day yoga + mindfulness retreat to celebrate each season. Live intentionally and choose wisely. 

Move from chaos to calm in 5 minutes

Being in the world can be hard. Stress, overwhelm, and anxiety can show up anytime. Luckily, mindfulness can help you move through it.

Keep meditations and stress reduction classes in your back pocket to for immediate relief when you need it. 

Take Classes On Any Screen

  • Live stream classes, workshops, and retreats

  • 300+ on demand classes

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A Warm Welcome To You From Our Founder

Three ways The Daily Well helps you live better in body and mind:

  • Functional strength: move through your life with steadiness and stability

  • Nervous system regulation: feel centered and at ease in any situation

  • Mindfulness meditation: increase presence, focus, and mental flexibility 

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All styles of yoga, somatic practices, and contemplative movement classes


Mindfulness Meditation to help you more comfortably live in this world


Therapists, yoga teachers, and meditation instructors are experts in their fields


Interact with the community and gather for virtual events all year long